Apollo GT Portfolio

Welcome to Apollo GT Studio - here you can view some of Apollo GT's work in
pastel, pencil, and color pencil. Some were commissioned piece and others were
his personal work. Any comment or request can be directed to apollogt@yahoo.com.
All work/images on this page are copyright protected © Apollo GT
(Follow links in the bio below to see more of his work.)

Artist's statement: I paint with pastel the images from my mind and from what I see
or have seen. The subject matter deals with psychology and human emotion with a serene
strength with a touch of surrealism and fantasy.

Bio:  Apollo GT, a Vietnamese boat person, arrived in the United States in 1981,
escaping communist rule. As a young artist in fourth grade in Arlington, VA, at
Key School, he quickly had to learn English. Despite this challenge, his artistic talent
was recognized by both his teacher and classmates, boosting his popularity. Coming
from a large family, Apollo faced the hardship of losing his mother before fleeing
Vietnam and leaving his father and two oldest brothers behind. In America, he endured
abuse from his siblings without parental protection. Throughout his childhood, he
harbored the wish to reunite with his father, a dream realized in 1994 when his siblings
in America sponsored their father's move to America. Apollo GT came to live with his
oldest sister and her family after he graduated college to be close to his dad, but a year
later his dad passed away. The abuse from his oldest sister started up again but now
Apollo GT stood up to the familial abuse and left the family for good. As a Rooster and
a Leo, he has a bright and strong personality and has made a name for himself as a
photographer, pastel portraiture, magazine publisher, runway coach, poet, and actor,
overcoming his difficult beginnings to achieve success.
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  • 1 children against violence
  • 2 in memory
  • 3 Heather
  • 4 Madonna
  • 5 Inner Vision
  • 6 fading dream
  • 7 quest
  • 8 reciprocation

Past Exhibitions:

Mills Pond House Gallery, NY, The Faces of Art: Artists as subject, 2007
(listed at http://www.stacarts.org/exhibits/show/6)

Saatchi Gallery online exhibition, 2006-2009

Art Remains online exhibition, 2006-2009

Art Beacon, 2005

Soho Coffee House: Washington, DC, one-man show, Oct. 2002

Corcoran Gallery: Faculty Exhibition, “Dedicated to Art,” Washington, DC, Sept. 2000

One-Man Show: Kurfew Night Club, NY, 2000

Vidal Sassoon Salon: Tysons Galleria, VA, August 1998

The Bank Night Club: “A Joint Called Helanius J.” Washington, DC, 1997

Corcoran Gallery of Art: “Portrait of the Corcoran Faculty,” Washington, DC, 1996

Washington Center for Photography: Open Show, 1996

Embassy of France: “April in Paris,” Washington, DC, 1995

Washington Center for Photography: Advance Photography, 1994

Washington Project for the Art: Group Show, 1994

Corcoran Gallery of Art: Autumn Hearts, Washington, DC, 1994

The Art Barn Exhibition: Open Show,1993

The Corcoran School of Art: White Wall Show, 1991 and 1992

Waterford Foundation: Open Show, 1989

The Corcoran Gallery of Art: The Corcoran Scholastic Exhibitions, 1985 / 1986

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